Google Earth Outreach

Google Earth Outreach shares information with a comprehensive spatial view.

Google Earth Outreach is allowing for so amazing advances in GIS mapping. For instance, non-profits and international and local organizations use it as a platform in which to share with the world spatial information, details, links, etc. regarding causes and more on a visual and practical level.

Below is a video published by Google Earth Outreach in Canada which highlights sample maps of:

  • ‘Caribou Migration’ by Golder Associates Ltd & Hugh Stimson
  • ‘I Am Fish’ by the David Suzuki Foundation
  • ‘Canada’s Boreal, the World’s Largest Intact Forest’ by Pew Environment Group
  • ‘Voices on the Land’ by Okanagan Nation Alliance, Gregory Kehm Associates & Ecotrust Canada
  • ‘Oil & Water Map’ by the Living Oceans Society
  • ‘Natural Capital’ by the David Suzuki Foundation

The possibilities for GIS maps are endless, as viewed in the video below, found on the Google Earth Outreach Website. It is a fabulous way to share information quickly, visually, and will an instant overview of the spatial and social effects countries or areas are experiencing. Sharing information will never be the same as our global community becomes more and more connected.

You can make your own GIS map to share locations and vital data regarding your cause or organization. Start building a map to represent relevant data just as the fine examples below did. Many groups employ Google Earth, Google Earth EngineGoogle Tour Builder, and Google Street View to zoom in and out on areas to tell the story and complete the visual picture. This is particularly useful when documented land and water changes.

 Google Earth Outreach MapsLiving Oceans create several maps designed to teach the public about issues, protect and manage marine life, and more.

Jane Goodall and like-minded people are using Google Open Source to help track the number and save the remaining chimpanzees in Africa. See more on their work.

Another fine example is Mapping forests to Save Sumatra by the WWF & Eyes on the Forest.

The Youth Climate Report pins mini-documentaries on Climate Change and managing earth. Dr. Mark Terry, professor, public speaker, and filmmaker, has created a map to represent an International Documentary Film Database.

These are just a few of the innovative ways to present data on Geographic Information System maps for social change, environmental protection, and development. Let’s see what inspiring endeavours arise next in the evolving world of data delivery.